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Is Marching Band A Sport? (The Debate Is Settled)

November 8, 2022

Since as far back as anyone in the activity can remember, there has been a hotly contested debate around whether or not marching band is a sport. And as a marching band geek who just spent 4 hours researching the topic I can soundly say I have found a definitive answer to the age old […]

7 Ways To Improve Marching Band Morale

September 21, 2022

Let’s face it. That 110 degree turf you’re rehearsing on has been known break the spirit of the eagerest, brightest eyed, bushiest tailed, freshmen band students. And on top of that, marching band is not the only thing going on in a high school band student’s life, and sometimes the weight of outside stressors can […]

How To Tune A Drumline

August 23, 2022

So, you’ve somehow found yourself in charge of a drum line. You probably want to make sure the line sounds as good as it can. One of the biggest keys to this is tuning. The two main steps to tuning a drumline are tuning each individual drum (top and bottom head when applicable), and then […]

How To Set Up A Front Ensemble

August 10, 2022

Ah, the front ensemble! The unsung hero of many a marching band. Often ignored, sometimes unheard, but always quietly bringing a unique and important color to the group. So, how exactly do you set one of these things up? The typical full front ensemble configuration includes a line of boards in the front row made […]

Pros and Cons of Having a Drum Set in Marching Band

August 10, 2022

Ah, the famed marching band drum set. So beloved by some, just as reviled by others. The debate over the merits of including a drum set is perhaps one of the most polarizing in the marching world. So, what exactly are the arguments? The arguments for the inclusion of a drum set center around the […]

Why Don’t You See Certain Instruments In Marching Band?

July 15, 2022

Have you ever noticed that you’ve never seen a bassoon marching in a show? A soloist for a marching show may be seen up near the front ensemble playing the french horn solo from Stravinsky’s Firebird, but wouldn’t be seen doing 8-to-5s with the rest of the band while still holding that horn. A marcher […]

Why Do Marching Bands Perform At Halftime?

July 10, 2022

The relationship between football and marching band is one that goes back for centuries! In this day-and-age, it’s difficult to even imagine a high school or college football game without a band or two present to hype up the fans and maintain an almost-holy football tradition. The performance of marching bands at halftime can be […]

Average Size Of Marching Bands

July 4, 2022

If you’re an outsider to the band world, your assumption on the size of a marching group may come from big college football halftime shows, and be that these groups are always BIG. Or, if you’re from a small town, you may assume that they’re smaller based on what you’ve seen at a local high […]

How To Become a Baton Twirler?

June 29, 2022

Ever wonder what it takes to become a Being a baton twirler like the ones who perform with the top college marching bands? If you are thinking about getting into baton twirling or if you are a parent considering baton twirling for your child, this article will guide you through the process. To get a […]